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Hole 10 – Old Fashioned Polo

By January 31, 2023December 13th, 2023No Comments

ParHopper – Old Fashioned Polo

The Design Inspiration

This design was a collaboration with Copper Sky Distillery & The Local Drive! We wanted to create a pattern for our favorite cocktail of all time.. the Old Fashioned. We deconstructed The Local Drive’s Old Fashioned and created a hand-drawn pattern of the ingredients. Cigars, Barrels, Copper Sky Whiskey, Bitters, Simple, Orange Zest & Barrel-Aged Cherry.

Our Audience’s Reaction

Everyone instantly loved the color. The bright, burnt orange is super unique and gives you that warm feeling of whiskey going down. We went with a 2-tone illustration style and think everyone loved this style because although it is bright orange, the subtle color of the pattern makes it not quite as loud as other polos we have released. This polo SOLD OUT faster than any polo before it. It seemed to really speak to all the golfers out there who love their whiskey. When looking closely you start to see the detail in the pattern. You see the cigar cutter, the orange trees growing throughout and even the x of our logo scattered in the pattern.

The Exclusivity of the Old Fashioned

This polo was extremely limited due to it being a collaboration with 2 other brands. We split the polos in 1/3 between the 3 of us so the demand really went up. This was probably our favorite design to date. It’s going to be tough to top the Old Fashioned!

copper sky whiskey and golf polo