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Hole 7 – The Game Polo

By November 1, 2022December 13th, 2023No Comments

ParHopper –  The Game Polo

The Design Inspiration

We knew we wanted to do a polo featuring things we say in golf. The idea started out including typical golf terms like birdie, par, bogey, etc. but that wasn’t enough. We have made it clear we don’t want to be another country club brand, release designs that are truly one of a kind. We decided to take the design even further by asking our team to send us things they say while golfing. We included over 100 different sayings on this polo, all shared by our 20+ ambassadors. It was truly a team effort designing this polo.

The Game has been our best selling polo to date because it’s a polo all golfers can relate to. This polo features bad words from bad shots, chirping your buddies in their back swing and classic sayings on the golf course. We tried to include anything we have ever said on the course on this polo. Some of the sayings we included are: birdie, hole in one, I love this game, fxck this game, keep your head down, talking in my back swing and everything in between!

Our Audience’s Reaction

“I absolutely love this.”

“Oh this is too funny.”

“This is genius.”

“This is seriously badass.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

From a distance the polo appears to have stripes, but as you get closer you start to notice it’s actually covered in typography. We loved seeing everyones reaction to this design! We had people searching the polo for things they would think of and it was great to see them laugh as they found what they were searching for in the design.

Everyone who has seen this polo in person ended up grabbing one. It’s a polo that forgets the norm of golf apparel and shows the the things we have all said at some point during a round. We have all cursed after a bad shot or said something funny to our buddies while playing golf and that’s what makes all of the typography so much fun. This polo is truly unique in itself and is unlike any polo any other brand has ever released. We are sure this design will go down as one of our best releases ever.

The Exclusivity of The Game

Like most of our polos, once this design sold out, it was no longer available. We typically never rerun a pattern just because we think that make sour polos even more special. We did end up releasing this pattern in a different color. We released The Game II featuring the same fun typography but on a blue polo. We also released head covers and golf towels featuring the same design in black. Will we run this design again in the future? Who knows. Should we release The Game III?