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Hole 6 – Bogey Buddy Golf Review ParHopper

By October 25, 2022November 17th, 2023No Comments
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We’re all hopped up for ParHopper Golf Apparel. Keep reading to learn what we think about this up-and-coming brand from Denver.

ParHopper Golf Apparel is not your old country club golf shirt and they’re not apologizing for it. Based out of Denver, the team at ParHopper is cranking out golf apparel that targets younger golfers who like bold and expressive golf outfits. With increasing collaborations around where they operate in Colorado, this brand is integrating itself into its community while also creating products that have national appeal.

If you’re looking to add a bit of hip-hop to your golf closet (see what we did there??), take a long hard look at ParHopper Golf Apparel. We are very impressed with their offerings and hope this review helps you make your decision on whether or not to purchase.

How We See It: ParHopper strikes the right balance of breaking away from the old guard of golf apparel, but staying close enough to it to still have mass appeal. With great designs, a great fit, and a great price, this is a brand that you need to add to your closet.

How Stylish Is The ParHopper Brand?

Brand Aesthetic

The ParHopper brand aesthetic is not quite streetwear, but it certainly isn’t country club wear either. In fact, ParHopper goes out of its way to say that they aim to be far from the country club looks of old. While we mostly agree that this isn’t your classic country club style, we don’t think the brand gives itself enough credit for the versatility of the looks they’ve produced so far.

Whether they intend to or not, ParHopper is striking the right balance between being modern, stylish and attractive to the younger golfer while not alienating golfers that want to add a pinch of pizazz to their outfits rather than a whole cup.

We’re also really big fans of ParHopper’s branding from their one-eyed bunny logo to the script they use for their brand name across their hats. Both have a unique and attractive style to them that looks like it belongs on the golf course, but feels distinct.

Type of Style

ParHopper Golf Apparel definitely seems to be targeting the younger golfer. The golfer they envision wearing their polos to be the ones willing and able to shotgun a beer at the first tee or rip a fireball shot after a birdie (thankfully we don’t make many birdies).

ParHopper’s style may be a little irreverent, but we didn’t find their style to be quite as outlandish as they claim it to be (except for having “fuck” literally written on the Game II Polo haha). Their product still feels cool, new and anti-country club, but we don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think that an extra hip grandpa could be into wearing a ParHopper polo. Maybe that’s wishful thinking from us, but we think the ParHopper style, at least for their current offerings, has legs beyond just the bro doing fireball shooters at the tee.

Variety of Style

Being an up-and-coming brand, ParHopper doesn’t have a TON of different polo options to choose from. It seems to us that they are more focused on quality than quantity and we’re not mad about that – we really like the look of their designs and have no doubt that they’ll continue to crank out more great stuff. It doesn’t surprise us that ParHopper does all of their own designs as told in their origin story on their blog, but it sure does impress us. Quality creative work being done here.

Beyond just the polo shirts, they do have a decent selection of golf hats, outerwear and  golf accessories. We have no doubt that ParHopper’s list of products is going to grow given what we’ve seen from the brand so far and we’re excited to see what is coming next from this brand in their upcoming drops. 5/5 stars for Style.


We tried 3 different polos from ParHopper for this review. Splatter, The Game II &, and one of their recent collaborations, the Old Cuban which is a connection with a local Denver bar called The Local Drive.

We absolutely loved the fit and the feel of these polos. They hit us exactly where we like on the shoulder and they are not overly baggy in the midsection. They do run a touch long for us, but we’re on the shorter end of the spectrum here at Bogey Buddy so that happens to us more often than not. Certainly not something to worry about no matter if you like to wear your shirts tucked or untucked.

We also found very little difference between the fit of each of the three polos we tested which is important to us. There is nothing worse than falling in love with the fit of a brand’s offering, ordering something else, and then having the new piece fit differently. No issues for us with ParHopper here – a really consistent and quality fit across all three versions.

Similar to a lot of the emerging golf brands, these polos are primarily polyester with a touch of spandex to give it that extra comfortable, stretchy-feel. While we’ve tested other brands that had the same ratio of polyester to spandex, we felt the ParHopper polo was a bit softer and even more comfortable than other brands we’ve tested. You will not feel any restriction while you’re wearing these suckers so feel free to Tee it Up & Drink It Down just like ParHopper tells you to.


While we didn’t pick up any ParHopper hats as part of our order, the guys at ParHopper did throw in a golf towel and a head cover in our box which was a very pleasant surprise. Both of these feature their bunny brand mark and are in the style of their “The Game II” polo which has just about every golf saying you’ve ever said on it.

We found these accessories to be well-made and, while they’re not clothing per se, we expect quality products coming from this brand in all of the categories that they have offerings in currently.

Overall, one of our favorite fitting shirts that we’ve tested.  5/5 stars for Fit.

Brand Reputation

With over 25K followers on Instagram at the time of this writing, this isn’t a brand that is making polos out of their garage. ParHopper is a growing brand that has a large following and they are doing a nice job connecting with their customer base via local collaborations and local events.

We also noticed that they released a collaboration with Houston Texans wide receiver, Chris Moore, for their Teequila polo (another sharp-looking design). With extensions and collaborations like this, we can tell that ParHopper is serious about growing its brand and we only see its brand awareness and reputation continue to improve. Sky is the limit in terms of their reputation.


The ParHopper Golf Apparel polo shirt’s construction seems solid but not overly complicated. ParHopper isn’t the type of brand that is trying to make bespoke, tailored suiting that is of impeccable quality – but we don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

We like the additional brand logo they have on the 3-button collar of the shirt as its a unique feature of their polo that we haven’t see across other brands we’ve tested. Overall, this brand delivers a quality product that’s focus is on style. Sometimes being focused on fashion over construction is ok with us.


At first touch, the polo materials felt pretty nice to us. Good amount of stretch is very common in any sort of athletic performance wear and even everyday apparel these days. The material feels a bit softer than other brands that we’ve tried while still maintaining every bit of stretch.

These polos are 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex which means they aren’t as breathable as other fibers like cotton, but these feel plenty airy and we don’t think there would be an issue wearing these in serious heat. Overall, a quality polo shirt from an online brand that gets extra points from us for a touch more premium-feel than its rivals. 4/5 stars for Quality.

Are Clothing Items From ParHopper Golf Apparel Good Value?

ParHopper is a great value golf brand. Their polos come in at just around $50 as of this writing with a few being under that price point and some a touch over. Regardless, it’s difficult to find a golf shirt that comes in under $75 from the major brands so we find ParHopper’s pricing to be quite a steal.

With its unique styling that has mass appeal, we think this brand offers perhaps even more value than its contemporaries. Some online brands are targeting a specific niche which, while that is good value for those audiences, is difficult to get behind for the masses. ParHopper is fairly priced with broad appeal which only increases its value from our seat.

ParHopper offers really great value for players looking for a little extra flair that doesn’t go completely over the top.  4.5/5 stars for Value.

What Does ParHopper Golf Apparel Say About Their Brand?

ParHopper is unapologetically anti-country club. This is a brand that welcomes the younger generation blasting their music, puffing on stogies, and treating a round of golf closer to a party than an elitist experience. They view golf as a place to “hang out with friends and to make new ones” and that is a sentiment we can certainly get behind.

ParHopper also has a blog called “Tee Time” that lives on their website and we highly recommend reading Hole 1 – The Origin Story. Very interesting nuggets about how a Dad helped create the name of the brand and the types of brands that inspired their journey. Really interesting stuff if you like to nerd out on brands and branding like we do here at Bogey Buddy.

Final Thoughts on ParHopper:

Overall, we’re really big fans of ParHopper Golf Apparel at Bogey Buddy and we’re eager to try more of their products given our first experience with the brand. This brand is making really great-fitting golf polos in unique designs and has branding that stands out more than it fits in.

If you’re looking for a little push to be more stylish out on the links, we think a great starting point would be to pick up some of the options that ParHopper is offering given their high marks for style and more than reasonable price point.

Other FAQs

What kind of clothing does ParHopper Golf sell?

ParHopper Golf Apparel primarily sells polo shirts and quarter zips designed for golfers. Their pieces are not limited to use for golf only, but that is the market they target with their brand.

Does ParHopper sell women’s clothing?

Yes! ParHopper does have a few women’s shirts available for sale on their website.

Is ParHopper a good golf brand?

ParHopper Golf Apparel is an up-and-coming online golf apparel brand with a large, and growing, following on social media. Based on our test of their products, we found them to offer very stylish shirts that fit extremely well.