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Hole 32 – No Offense to Great Golfers

By April 3, 2024No Comments

We absolutely appreciate good golfers. We admire their ball-striking abilities and their consistency, but what about the average golfers? Golf to us is about having fun, first and foremost. It’s our escape from the world of bills and deadlines, our happy place if you will. Golf is our hobby, it’s not our job and a low or high score doesn’t dictate our future or really count towards anything. We’re just happy to be out there in nature enjoying ourselves. Golf shouldn’t be work, it’s a fun escape. This is why we think the average golfer may have a tad more fun on the course.

Bad Golfers Have More Fun

Laid back golfers tend to enjoy their time on the links and their requirements for having fun are minimal. They don’t take themselves, or the game, too seriously, but still manage to play quite well for only getting out there a couple dozen times per year. Our golfing buddies are there for good friends, good conversations, shots of whiskey, good shots on the ball and of course plenty of laughs. 

Now we’re not talking about seriously bad golfers who ruin your round because they take an incredible amount of time over each shot. If you’re already 4+ over on a hole, pick the ball up and move on! We’re also not talking bad to the point that you’re terrible and constantly looking for balls and hitting multiple times from shanking shots and are getting frustrated because your shot, that seems to match your skill level, doesn’t match your unrealistic shot expectations! 

Let Us Clarify

To be more clear, we’re not referring to the golfer who is just a bad golfer, more so, the ones that are bad-to-terrible and lack golf etiquette. These are the guys that even we can’t have fun with. They are constantly moving around, talking, getting clubs during your swing, not knowing where to leave their cart, when it is their turn to hit or even how and when to attend the flag. This is a mood killer. You have to know the basics at a minimum! Accordingly, you must understand that pace of play is really an important thing, so even if you’re having the most terrible round, you must still maintain play at a pace that doesn’t keep people behind you on the course waiting. Waiting can make even the most laidback golfer get annoyed and that trickles down into and dampens our enjoyment.

It’s All About Mindset

We must admit that playing with the “right” good players, definitely makes you buckle down and be more engaged in your round, which generally makes for better play, score-wise. Playing with good golfers does have its perks; however, if we see a good habit or technique being used, we can often integrate it into our own game. We never mind playing with a scratch golfer, as long as they can still have fun while they’re there.

We have friends who are excellent golfers, but still manage to enjoy and relish in their time on the course. This is because they choose to make it fun, it’s all about your approach! They put on their swaggiest, most colorful ParHopper polo, grab their favorite flask and tee off with the mindset of just having fun with the boys. If you’re the guy who tries to shoot his best round every time out, we don’t need to play together, instead try to be the guy who has the most fun! Our recommendation? Order yourself some new golf attire from ParHopper. When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we play better. When we play better we have just a bit more fun!