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Hole 28 – Golfing in Different Climates: Elevated Golf

By March 7, 2024No Comments

Colorado golf just hits differently, literally! One half of ParHopper’s owners grew up playing golf in very humid to muggy south Georgia, while the other half did so in the hot-summer humid continental climate of Wisconsin. Both states host many golf courses at slight elevation, but nothing in either state even comes close to the mountain courses of Colorado! Summer here around Denver is relatively mild in comparison. Mostly beautiful, sun-filled days and cool, comfortable evenings with low relative humidity are the norm in Colorado. And we were all in for what we have come to consider, another pleasant surprise due to the higher elevation. After all, who doesn’t enjoy crushing a long drive?

Elevated Golf

There are some good and bad considerations for playing golf at higher elevations. Starting on a positive note, if you’re the guy with a terrible slice, slices along with hooks are greatly reduced, so that’s something! The altitude of these Colorado mountain courses with decreased resistance and gravitational pull on the ball, makes shot-shaping harder. Besides causing the ball to launch farther, you also get more of a roll out! The ball has a much lower force-of-lift, but actually spins relatively the same. This produces a flatter flight trajectory on longer shots and a shallower angle of descent, so you get a much greater, often needed roll. 

The Formula for Estimating Increases

We’ve discovered that if you normally hit your driver about 290 yards at sea level, you will likely drive it 307.4 yards in Denver, about a seventeen and a half yard gain! How can we figure in advance just how much farther our clubs will go? Easily as it turns out! To get to the bottom of this phenomenon, we did some research and discovered the following. To calculate how much gain in distance for a particular elevation compared to sea level, simply multiply the increase in elevation in feet by .00116.

So, if you’re playing a course in Denver, at one mile up(5,280 ft.), the increase will be about 6% (5,280 x .00116 = 6.1248% to be exact). So, take your sea level yardage of 290 yards and multiply it by 6% and you get a 17.4 yard increase! Club adjustments start immediately as you just drove the ball one club farther than you typically would have, thus being able to go down one club for your next shot. 

Not All Distances Increase

We quickly came to realize that this added distance-effect doesn’t apply to our shorter shots. On shorter shots, you don’t hit it as hard, so the altitude has less effect. It really has very little to no effect on short approach shots and chips, so no adjustment or calculation is necessary. Also, if you are an older player or someone with a slower tempo or swing speed, your distance increases will be much less or minimal. Finally an advantage to getting older!

Altitude and Alcohol

We kind of wish there was a formula for figuring out how much more alcohol affects you in higher altitudes! With the lower air pressure at high altitudes, the body absorbs alcohol much faster because of decreased oxygen levels. So when drinking at a higher elevation, your body is able to process the alcohol more quickly, thus making you feel drunker faster. So guess what? That errant drive is going 17.4 yards farther out of bounds! So what, you can water a tree while you’re out there looking! 

We worry very little or not at all about a small increase in intoxication though, as we are the golfers who put the PAR in party! We are the golfers who always enjoy a cold one, or six, on the course and celebrate birdies with sweet bourbon or Fireball shots. The links are where we go to hang out with friends and to make new ones! We’re always down for a random fourth player to be added to our round of three, when that’s the case, as we love to make new friends!

Go For It Mentality

We are the guys who are usually on a first name basis with the cart girl by the turn and are always down for a birdie celebration! Regardless of the elevation, the guys at ParHopper always go for it! You’ll never see us lay up or turn down a celebratory birdie shot. The ParHopper brand originated with and holds strong to a “go for it” mindset. So cheers friends and go for the green, even from the mountaintop!

Elevated Apparel For Elevated Play

ParHopper was created here in the elevated state of Denver in 2020, to help fill a void that we felt in the golf apparel industry. ParHopper believes that in order to play your best, you need to feel your best, and to feel your best, it definitely helps to look your best! Accordingly, ParHopper makes golf apparel designed to elevate the game of golf, that is unique, exclusive, bright, high performance and sometimes collaborative. We give golfers today a wide array of options when it comes to choosing their golf attire. 

We are everyone’s brand, from the regular Joe to the seasoned pro, ParHopper has you covered! Beyond being the “people’s brand,” ParHopper’s long term goal is to innovate and elevate the perception of what traditional golf apparel will be for future generations to come! Order your new favorite polo today from ParHopper, and elevate your style to the highest altitude and prepare yourself for compliments and confidence.