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Hole 27 – Golf Chipping Boxes: Genius or Already Done?

By February 22, 2024No Comments

Two summers ago we had an idea to help with hitting our wedges and our short game overall. A brainstorm if you will. After hours and hours of chipping golf balls onto the backyard putting green, we felt like we needed more of a challenge. Something to hone our concentration and make us really work on making our best chips. While we didn’t set out to recreate the wheel, we did research what is out there and available, and wasn’t too intrigued with any of the current designs of golf chipping games. So, we decided to design and create our own! 

Research and Development

Now it was time for a Home Depot run! After grabbing a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood and some 2′ x 6’s , we were ready to begin construction. Ordinarily, we would have had Home Depot precut everything for us so that we just had to screw everything together, but as luck would have it, their saw was out of order! After considerable thought and research, we decided that we wanted to build two, stand-alone boxes, covered with artificial golf turf(we luckily had leftover turf from the putting green) and a standard sized golf hole. We decided to order a mini flag and stick as well, which are a nice addition, but not necessary for play. 

Construction began and we built the boxes four feet square and six inches off the ground, stapled turf to the top and cut the hole out. This size gives us enough surface area so that we can stand on top of the boxes while chipping. We have our priorities, so we even added a small, waist-high shelf to each box, so you can set your whiskey pour down while chipping! Afterall, wedges and whiskey are one of our favorite combinations!

Dialing It In

Initially, we tried using real balls but in the end went with wiffle golf balls. These are safer, allow you to fully swing a 60 degree wedge and also bring any slight breeze into play. For example, if you have wind blowing from the left, you have to allow for it when chipping or you’ll miss the box completely. This added a whole new element of fun and challenge to the game! After numerous games and by trial and error, we determined that fifteen steps, foot to foot, is the perfect distance between boxes, for optimal play. 

Most of the commercial golf chipping games left a lot to be desired in our opinion. Unlike our boxes which provide hours of competitive play, theirs are either poorly constructed or just too simple to be fun. Standing on one of our chipping boxes, facing the other, you can see the cup and this further adds a feeling of golf authenticity to the game! We used ¾” plywood screwed to a 2”x 6” fame and this makes the boxes very sturdy and stable when stepping onto and chipping.

Scoring and Game Play

We usually have a chip off to determine who goes first. Since we have played quite a bit of corn hole, we adopted its scoring method. We usually go to 21. You hit four balls, each one that lands on the surface of the box is worth one point. A ringer is worth three points. If you bust, go over 21, you go back to 15. Whoever doesn’t go first, gets a chance at redemption by getting a last turn once their opponent reaches 21. Also, we sometimes add little rules like, you have to drink every time your opponent gets a ringer. This adds further fun and excitement as your accuracy usually decreases as your blood-alcohol increases! 

Going Viral

We shot a short Tik Toc video of us chipping with whiskey pours and it went absolutely viral! Over 5 million views and many, many comments and questions. Maybe we were on to something with these boxes! It seemed everyone wanted to build a set like ours and wanted the exact specs! Shoot us a quick email to if you agree and let us know if you think we should start mass producing our golf chipping game! Our only concern is shipping weight.

Innovation To Fill a Void

We love the idea of creating a product that we desired to fill a void we felt! Just like we did with our golf brand, Par Hopper! Using an ideology for striving to be innovators in the golf industry, ParHopper creates high performance, premium quality golf apparel that turns heads and just makes you feel good! We believe if you feel good and look good, you’ll probably play good, or at least better! To us, drinking and golf go hand in hand. We are the guys who enjoy a pour of whiskey and shots of Fireball during golf rounds, and never lay up! With our go-for-it mentality, we continue to innovate and advance what golf apparel should look and wear like! We are the opposite of country club casual and are damn proud of it! 

Live Life Passionately and Dress Accordingly

With ParHopper, you can let go of the old adages of laying up to “what I typically wear” and “traditional” golf wear. We believe you should live your life passionately and dress accordingly! Golf to us, is about having fun and that starts with feeling good about how you look. Order yourself some ParHopper gear today and step into a world of innovative designs and vibrant polo personalities that cumulate to form truly exclusive and non-traditional golf attire! Oh yeah, we can also build some great chipping boxes too!