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Hole 26 – The Evolution of Golf Fashion: A Stylish Walk Down the Fairway

By February 20, 2024March 7th, 2024No Comments

The game of golf originated in Scotland in the 1500s on damp grassy hills and plains. The cold weather there would greatly influence what golf attire players would wear in the early days of the game. The typical golf attire of the day consisted of tweed caps and jackets, starched collars, knickerbockers and a sturdy pair of shoes. Can you say thick and sluggish attire? 

Golf Attire in the 20s

Jump forward 400 plus years to the early 20’s and the now-booming U.S. financial system has resulted in a more casual look for golf attire. Golf has always been considered a gentleman’s sport and in the beginning, incorporated then-considered gentlemanly attire. Golf legend, the great Bobby Jones, had a great influence not only on popularizing the game, but also the attire worn on the course in the 20s. Bobby was a golf pioneer and was one of the first golfers to introduce a more casual or relaxed approach to golf attire

Following suit, public golfers also began wearing baggy trousers, sleeveless sweaters and looser-fitting shirts. Golf at this time appealed more to the wealthy. Golf attire was again changed to a more sophisticated look that included flat caps, neck ties, single-breasted jackets, plus fours (baggier knickers) and long stockings with spectator shoes. Sophisticated, stuffy and still slightly overdressed for optimum performance and flexibility.

Golf Attire in the 50s vs 70s

After a few decades, in the 1950s, men dropped the heavy suits and began to opt to dress for comfort on the course. Although there were few funky, vibrant colors yet, colored fabrics had come into prominence and the first knitted golf shirt was introduced. The golf polo was born! Other golf attire of the day consisted of lightweight colorful trousers or shorts and oxford shoes. Attire that complimented performance had finally found its way to the forefront of golf apparel!

Probably the most radical shift in golf attire came in the 70’s due to the emergence of a groovy new style of louder colors. Colors like purple, pink, and bright greens became the standard. Television broadcasts began being more prominent and showed the  pros wearing this new golf attire and the public golfing world followed suit. Sporting mock turtlenecks or knitted golf shirts, houndstooth shirts and trousers with brown polyester pants, golf fashion was at its first peak! The “Arnold Palmer” look, popularized by the iconic golfer, Arnold Palmer, became a style popularized by brightly colored shirts and pants. 

Golf Attire in the 90s

In the 90s, the focus on golf apparel production changed with an emphasis on construction materials. Advancements in technology and materials, enabled golf fashion to undergo a significant transformation once again. New performance enhancing materials were the new mainstay. These new materials offered better moisture control, better breathability, more flexibility and comfort. The colors became a bit more tame compared to the 70s and there was a renewed focus on a sophisticated or professional look. Polo shirts, chinos and softer, more flexible wear became staples of 90s golf fashion. Visors, tartan sweaters, knickers and long shorts rounded out the new golf look.

Along with these improvements in production materials, the rise of companies specializing in golf-specific apparel were born. Large well-known companies like Nike, began to influence golf attire style by adding logos to golf athletic wear. More modernized knickers became a sort of fad again, along with historical Scottish inspired plaid patterns. The 90s managed to keep some ties to golf’s rich history of traditional golf attire. 

The Modern Era of Golf Apparel

Golf wear has come a long, long way since those first swings on the moors of Scotland. As we approach the present day, golf wear designs have become a combination of historic and current styles. Golf apparel today blends various styles accumulated from the years past that includes visors, polos made of cotton, polyester, and spandex blends, ventilated pants with zippered pockets and more flexible, golf-specific shoes.

The Evolution of Golf Apparel

Men’s golfing apparel has had a winding and often brightly-colored path from its humble beginnings. Each era along the journey has added something to the evolving history of styles and fashion preferences on golf courses the world over. As the game continues to evolve the fashion will as well. 

Introducing ParHopper Golf Apparel

Pioneering companies like ParHopper, created in 2020, caters to the unique needs of golfers on and off the course. We give golfers today a wide array of options when it comes to choosing their golf attire. The traditional collared polo shirts and quarter-zip pullovers are prevalent, but with a modern twist. Performance fabrics have evolved even further, incorporating advanced technologies such as spandex stretchability, thermal regulation, UV protection and even odor control

Golfers now have access to a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles, allowing them to express their individuality while adhering to the dress codes of the game. In short, ParHopper is a golf specific company that is leading the movement of making golf more approachable and fun by introducing funky vibrant apparel that really turns heads! 

Why Choose ParHopper Golf Apparel?

Golf to us, is about having fun and that starts with feeling good about how you look. ParHopper strives to strike the perfect balance between style, performance and aesthetics, ensuring that golfers can move freely and feel more comfortable without compromising their swing. Breathable fabrics, moisture management technology, colorful, vibrant and ergonomic designs are performance features in our golf apparel, promoting enhanced style, flexibility and comfort for a better overall experience on the links. Our innovative design and vibrant polo personalities cumulate to form truly exclusive and non-traditional golf attire. We aim to be the opposite of country club casual. 

Live Passionately, Dress Accordingly!

ParHopper is helping to innovate and elevate the perception of what traditional golf apparel, especially golf polos, will be for future generations. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for tradition, that is, until it hinders progression. Our golf apparel is for athletes and for the average Joe’s, we don’t discriminate. We offer access to a wide range of funky, vibrant colors, patterns, and styles, allowing you to express your individuality while keeping with traditional, expected dress codes.

You’ll Never See Us Lay Up

The ParHopper brand originated with and holds strong to a “go for it” mindset. Now it’s your turn to go for it. Let go of the old adages of laying up to “what I typically wear” and “traditional” golf wear. Get ready to pull that brand new golf polo out of the bag, throw it on and realize you’ve been missing out! Prepare yourself for compliments and confidence.