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Hole 24 – Hopper Ball Marker Belt

By November 8, 2023November 17th, 2023No Comments

The Hopper Ball Marker Belt

Our latest, must-have golfing accessory is dropping late November! The Hopper belt is black, beautiful and made from genuine leather. The belt is comfortable, durable and adjusts to fit waist sizes ranging from 28”- 42.” The metal, removable buckle features a magnetic circular ball marker sporting the “Hopper” logo. The ball marker holder is a universal size, so other ball markers will fit it as well. 

Raise your golf style up to above par with this stylish belt and never fumble or dig through your pockets for a coin or tee again! The Hopper belt provides great functionality with a little touch of class to boot! Marking your ball has been made practically automatic, so now maybe you should work on those putts you keep pulling?! 

This is the perfect accessory for the golfer in your life, order one today and take advantage of the presale discount and get a free beanie! ParHopper is fast becoming the brand that innovates and produces high-quality golf accessories, always sold at a fair price!

leather golf belt
leather belt with magnetic ball marker