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Hole 20 – 2023 Has Been Full Of Growth

By September 29, 2023November 17th, 2023No Comments
2023 has been full of growth for parhopper

ParHopper has seen huge growth so far during 2023! This year was full of big brand collaborations and new industry connections. We feel like this year finally put ParHopper on the map!


We kicked off January with a three-way polo collaboration between ParHopper, Copper Sky Distillery and The Local Drive. With this release, The Old Fashioned Polo, we wanted to create a pattern that captured the ingredients of our favorite cocktail of all time, the Old Fashioned. We deconstructed The Local Drive’s Old Fashioned recipe and created a hand-drawn pattern of the ingredients. It is a nice collage of cigars, barrels, Copper Sky whiskey, bitters, simple syrup, orange zest and barrel-aged cherry. This was a very limited release and sold out extremely fast. 

In the following days, we dropped our first ParHopper beanie for the winter months. These beanies are snug and warm and look awesome with a stitched ParHopper bunny patch on the front, very stylish and functional.

Just a week or so later, we launched a collab polo with 10 Barrel Brewery. This expression is a white polo with blue text encircling it that looks like horizontal stripes from a distance. However, up close you can see the names of the many beer releases by 10 Barrel over the years. The Brew Polo is a testament to the fact that beer and golf just go together! This one was a no brainer!

January 20th brought ParHopper night at The Local Drive. This was a fun filled night of socializing, simulator golf and cocktails. A free whiskey tasting was provided courtesy of Bushmills Irish Whiskey and ParHopper hosted a closest-to-the-pin hole and gave away prizes. If you showed up wearing ParHopper swag, your first beer was free. This event was a huge success and lots of fun!

Next was a new ParHopper solo polo release. The Parmento Polo was our second tribute to the Masters. Its pattern is the perfect combination of pimento cheese sandwiches and azaleas on a golf-green background. Only 100 were produced and came with a matching golf towel when purchased. These were a big hit and were definitely a crowd favorite.


February came and so did production of our first headcovers, The Game driver cover. Snugfit, waterproof and very stylish in black with white text displaying all the foul things ever muttered on a golf course. We absolutely loved these!

Mid February saw the release of our first golf gloves, The Hopper leather golf glove features a black top, white palm with a white pvc patch logo. These gloves look and feel awesome!


In early March, we announced the third rendition of The Parhopper Open. The format was a 2 person team mini golf bar crawl event hosted by ParHopper & The Local Drive. The final team count was 174 teams! The event actually took place on May 13th and featured an 8 location bar crawl, 9 putting challenges, closest to the pin challenges, long drive contest, golf game challenge, drink specials, prizes for lowest scoring team, challenges and raffles all day!

Putting challenges were hosted by The Local Drive, Suerte, Bigsby’s Folly, Zeppelin Station, Branch & Barrel, Vib, Great Divide, Mockery, Ironton & Number Thirty Eight. Each of these hosts designed and built a mini golf hole at their facility and many exceeded our expectations! A closest to the pin contest was hosted by Tin Cup, Sweetens Cove Spirits & Swig & Sport. A long drive competition using a 2 iron was hosted by Long Drink. There were drink specials at each location with partial proceeds going to local nonprofits! 


Another polo collaboration was dropped at the mini golf event in May. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit so we had to partner with Suerte Tequila and The Local Drive to create this one of a kind masterpiece! This “margarita” themed pattern incorporates Suerte tequila, agave plants, coup glasses, golf clubs and all of the doodles inside of the Suerte rabbit logo. The glowing green color is an eye catcher and sold out really fast!

May also brought yet another Parhopper solo brand release, the Kaleidoscope Polo. This expression borrows symmetrical angles and patterns reminiscent of looking through a kaleidoscope. It has a bright combination of bright blue and green colored triangular angled patterns. This is one badass shirt!

At the end of May, we did yet another polo collaboration with the Aurora Police Foundation. They were wanting something in a police blue with a pattern that represents their efforts for the Aurora Police Department(APF). The Par Patrol Polo was born! The Aurora Police Foundation supports the operations of the Aurora Police Department by providing grants for officer training, equipment, supplies and community involvement. Only a handful of  these were available for purchase outside of the APF personnel and were gone in a blink of an eye! We had the pleasure of playing in their tournament.


June brought another three way polo collaboration with The Local Drive and Branch & Barrel Distillery. This expression was based off of a cocktail created by The Local Drive with the refreshing iced tea/lemonade taste we all know and love but with a spicy ginger twist. This honey-yellow colored polo seems to light up a room like the rising sun! With a collage of honey bees, lemons, tea bags, ginger roots and chili peppers, along with an iconic colored golf bag, this polo screams golf, cocktails and summertime fun on the links! The addition of the Branch and Barrel whiskey bottle and The Local Drive’s golf ball logo complete the look and firmly represent the collaborating brands. Again, this was a very popular release with limited quantities.

Mid June found us working on a collaboration polo, the GrassHopper Polo with a turf company called Synlawn. They are a leading supplier and installer of high-quality artificial grass lawns & putting greens in the state of Colorado. The GrassHopper has a bright green background with a pattern in darker green of various golf elements and a dog paw print.

Early July brought us together with The Local Drive and Launch Pad Brewery (LPB) to create the Galactic Golfer Polo. This release was based on the rocket ship logo and the concept of deep space decor as displayed around LPB. Launch Pad Brewery is a funky, lively microbrewery, located in Aurora, Colorado, that specializes in offbeat craft beers served in a rocket-themed taproom. The Galactic Golfer polo has a truly out of this world theme! The pattern includes images of beers and hops to pay homage to LPB and their many award winning brews! Colorful asteroids soar through the galaxy to bring the loudness of the polo to another level. If you look close you’ll spot a shiny still/satellite hybrid sending out an SOS for MORE BEER. We had a lot of fun with the golfing astronauts in different poses (drinking a pint on a barrel, lounging on a floating tube with a brewsky, teeing off into space and riding a golf flag like a horse).

All these fun and comical elements combine to complete the deep space theme and create an exciting and fun polo design. These vibrant images are all scattered as if orbiting about on a background of dark space with stars and planets. The pattern also includes the logos of The Local Drive and ParHopper, but adapted with a playful, deep space twist as well. 

Mid June found us working on our very first button-down shirt! The “Mai Tai” was born as a collaboration with Molly Brown Spirits & The Local Drive. We ended up creating the perfect shirt for the golf course, the pool, the beach or the bar! For the pattern, we turned the Molly Brown logo into a hula dancer and added a tiki mask, a pineapple and some tropical elements to complete the design.

The end of June brought a long awaited collaboration! Saying we were excited is an understatement! We officially had our own beer that was released by Great Divide Brewing Company! An Arnie inspired ale featuring our custom pattern! It’s all gone now except a few cases at The Local Drive, but it was originally on tap and for sale in the brewery the short while it lasted! It was incredibly tasty and refreshing and sold out in just a few weeks.


Our 4th mini golf crawl event was held on August 5th. Once again, bucket hats, this time accompanied by colorful beach wear, flooded the streets of the RiNo district! The summer beach vibe was strong! Putting challenges were hosted by The Local Drive, Launch Pad Brewery, Bigsby’s Folly, Zeppelin Station, Branch & Barrel, Vib, Great Divide, Mockery, The Family Jones, Locke + Co and Number Thirty Eight. Bay games were hosted by Swig & Sport, Molly Brown, Tivoli & Stranahans.

Event Features included a seven locations bar crawl, 9 putting challenges, closest to the pin challenges,a long drive contest, a golf game challenge, and drink specials with a Live DJ. Prizes for lowest scoring team, the best team costume,a chipping challenge and raffles all day! We are very grateful for all of our sponsors and participants and again extend a huge thank you for making this such an incredible event! 

August also brought us to Talnua Distillery for yet another collaboration! Using their logo and colors, we created the Ram Dram Polo. The polo’s pattern hosts Talnua’s logo which consists of a Big Horn Ram (native of the Flatirons of Colorado’s Front Range). The ram is looking back on a triskele moon, which represents the Irish-Gaelic old world, home to the distilling traditions that Talnua seeks to honor. Just as Talnua honors their ancestry and old world traditions, ParHopper in turn looked to capture these same honorable traditions through the use of gaelic symbols. Using an argyle type pattern, the polo has an old style, classic golf look while still paying homage to Talnua’s gaelic roots. Think  Gaelic Tradition Meets American Pioneerism in this collaboration!

August 26th brought our 3rd year anniversary! The Local Drive hosted and bartended a lavish party on top of the building that houses The Local drive. The cocktails were flowing and Chef Logan Mason prepared a menu to die for, as usual and capped off a perfect evening.  All of ParHopper’s friends and ambassadors were in attendance and this was truly a night to remember! 


September 5th we released a new t-shirt, Birdie Juice Tee. This is a collaboration with our buddies over at Southern Birdie Golf. Just a fun shirt showing a little bird perched on a juicebox. We all need a little swig of birdie juice to keep us going every now and then! As of this writing, September 29, 2023, our most recent release was just two days ago. It was the ParHopper University sweatshirt! You can now rep your favorite golf brand as a university! No more midterms or lectures though, just cold beer & mulligans! 

Many more polo collaborations are already in the works to wind down 2023 and we can’t wait to announce and share these new expressions very soon! ParHopper intends to close out the year with our best year ever! We absolutely cannot thank our valued customers and supporters enough! Remember, tee it up, drink it down and stay fashionable and thirsty friends!