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Hole 2 – The First Ambassador

By July 28, 2022November 17th, 2023One Comment

Welcome to Hole #2… the first tee jitters are gone.

My name is DJ Freese, and I’m the first ever ambassador for this great little company called ParHopper. Let’s get started with my story.

I’m from a small town in South Carolina where I played baseball from the age of 5 to 13. I ended up quitting baseball and one day randomly picked up one my dads old clubs and pured one in front of him and his friends. We were on to something.

Fast forward through four years of high school and I find myself going down in the history books for my school and being recruited to play some college golf.  My senior year in the spring of 2021, I won 8 of our 13 matches, having an individual record of something like 8-3-2 and we went 13-0 as a team. I ended the year making the All-Area team, All-Region, and finishing T-6 at state for All-State honors. I ended up heading 4.5 hours away home to play college golf for an NAIA division school called St. Andrews University.

In the fall of 2022 I started all events for my school. I shot a team low of 73 and averaged in the high 70s. Wasn’t the best but it was a solid start to college. I soon realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be for the rest of my three years. I decided to transfer to a college closer to home, mainly because I wanted to coach my old high school team to see if coaching is something I’d like to do.

Early in 2022 I found myself on Instagram looking at some company called ParHopper. ParHopper was the exact style I rocked for my years in golf. Loud and proud. I loved getting the stares by the country club folks. January 26th rolls around and I DM ParHopper and ask if they do ambassadorships, which at the time they did not. A few days later, I was notified that ParHopper was in fact now recruiting. On February 4th I became the first official ambassador for ParHopper. It didn’t take me long to make this brand my priority. I fell in love with working with ParHopper and have had a blast representing them at my tournaments.

While coaching in the spring of 22’ the kids loved my ParHopper gear. Some of them bought their own and some just couldn’t afford it. Being in a small town some of these kids don’t have the luxury of buying all types of fancy golf stuff, they use their grandpas old clubs or find them at dollar stores. For some of the kids golf is their spring sport that gives them something to look forward to in the day.

The team ended up with a record breaking 19-0 season. For state, I reached out to ParHopper about a big order for hats. They were kind enough to go 50/50 and eat the price on half. So we decked out the entire team! The kids absolutely loved it. Everyone of them wear the hats to this day. It was one of the best things I probably did for them as a coach, and it comes with a big thanks to ParHopper.

Our team in matching gear at State!

Back to my life story, haha! I took a semester off from college golf to work with one of the best swing coaches in the southeast, and to coach golf. I absolutely fell in love with coaching. My days consisted of, working 1 of my 2 jobs, coaching golf anywhere from 3pm – 6pm or as late as 10pm on Match Days, working out, and 5 online college classes.

It was a brutal schedule but I came out on top with a 4.0 GPA, an improvement in my golf game, and a golf team who was undefeated. I am currently enrolled at Erskine College, a D2 school. I’ll be making my debut on the course sometime in September. Next spring I’ll be back coaching when I’m not playing in college events or practicing. I’ll be studying to get a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a degree in Sports Management. From there I’ll hopefully head off into the college coaching world in three years when I’m done with school.

For now my life is involved in golf, I work at a driving range, a country club, I coach golf, play college golf in the fall and spring. This week I am giving back to my community by working a golf camp for ages 5-12 and we have 31 kids. I am excited for what this wonderful game has in store for me the rest of 2022 and beyond.

This is DJ Freese signing off for now, tee it up and drink it down!

Follow my golf journey on Instgram! @freese.on.the.tees

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