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Hole 17 – Ram Dram Polo Release

By August 2, 2023May 24th, 2024No Comments

Design Inspiration

Following a recent visit to Talnua Distillery, ParHopper was thoroughly impressed and inspired by the distillery’s passion for bringing an old-world style of distilling to America. Talnua Distillery brings to Arvada, CO, an American expression of an old world style of whiskey featuring a traditional triple distillation. 

Inspiration even came from their name – Talnua. Their name was born of the Irish-Gaelic words ‘Talamh’, meaning ‘Land’, and ‘Nua’, meaning ‘New’. In a word, it’s their story, and tells of their passion for bringing an old-world style of distilling to a “new land” that is America. Their passion for bringing this traditional whiskey to America is contagious and the Ram Dram polo was born! Ram obviously from Talnua’s logo and dram, which means a small drink of whiskey or spirits.

Pattern Breakdown

The polo’s pattern hosts Talnua’s logo which consists of a Big Horn Ram (native of the Flatirons of Colorado’s Front Range). The ram is looking back on a triskele moon, which represents the Irish-Gaelic old world, home to the distilling traditions that Talnua seeks to honor. Just as Talnua honors their ancestry and old world traditions, ParHopper in turn looked to capture these same honorable traditions through the use of gaelic symbols. 

Using an argyle type pattern, the polo has an old style, classic golf look while still paying homage to Talnua’s gaelic roots. Argyle is a shortened form of the ancient Gaelic Earra Ghaidheal which means “coming from the land of the Gaels”. Today this would be Ireland(home of single pot still Irish whiskey). Mix in a few drams of whiskey in a snifter alternated throughout the pattern, and you have the perfect representation of the Talnua brand. The argyle pattern colors are in deep gold and white on a midnight blue background. Think Gaelic tradition meets American pioneerism meets classic golf attire!

Limited Release

This expression is a collaboration between Talnua Distillery and ParHopper. Unique, classy, inspiring and limited, best describe this collaboration. It’s available for purchase at Talnua Distillery and online at Grab your Ram Dram polo today while supplies last and not only look great on the tee box, but also know that you’re representing true modern-day pioneers!