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Hole 16 – Galactic Golfer Polo Release

By July 19, 2023January 20th, 2024No Comments

Design Inspiration

This release was based on the rocket ship logo and the concept of deep space decor as displayed around Launch Pad Brewery (LPB). Launch Pad Brewery is a funky, lively microbrewery, located in Aurora, Colorado, that specializes in offbeat craft beers served in a rocket-themed taproom. Their ceiling is littered with stars and space satellites completing the interstellar atmosphere. With 32 tasty beers on tap, they’re sure to have one for almost everyone in the cosmos!

Pattern Breakdown

Illustration inspiration came from the decor and logo of Launch Pad Brewery. The Galactic Golfer polo has a truly out of this world theme! The pattern includes images of beers and hops to pay homage to LPB and their many award winning brews! Colorful asteroids soar through the galaxy to bring the loudness of the polo to another level. If you look close you’ll spot a shiny still/satellite hybrid sending out an SOS for MORE BEER. We had a lot of fun with the golfing astronauts in different poses (drinking a pint on a barrel, lounging on a floating tube with a brewsky, teeing off into space and riding a golf flag like a horse).

All these fun and comical elements combine to complete the deep space theme and create an exciting and fun polo design. These vibrant images are all scattered as if orbiting about on a background of dark space with stars and planets. The pattern also includes the logos of The Local Drive and ParHopper, but adapted with a playful, deep space twist as well.

Limited Release

Blast off of the tee box with this other-worldly, vibrant and athletic fitting polo! ParHopper teamed up with the Local Drive and Launch Pad Brewery to create a very special and limited polo offering. This polo is available in limited quantities and will be divided among the three for resale. It will be available for purchase at both the Local Drive and Launch Pad Brewery, as well as online at Explore the great beyond with the Galactic Golf polo and take your golf swag to a truly cosmic level!

galaxy golf polo golfer smiling
man drinking cocktail rino denver colorado