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Hole 15 – The 19th Hole Great Divide Beach Milk Project

By July 11, 2023November 17th, 2023No Comments

The 19th Hole – Beach Milk Project

5.8% ABV Great Divide Brewing Company Denver, CO

Arnold Palmer inspired ale with lemonade and iced tea – perfect for the golf course. The ”Beach Milk Project”  is a  brewery side-project. It’s a series of beers with experimental ingredients and advanced brewing methods that showcase the inventiveness and ingenuity of the brewing team at Great Divide Brewing Co. Each beer release features a label with artwork from a Denver local artist. This release artist is Jay Piper of ParHopper.

The Design Inspiration

The pattern was conformed to elements that represent a collab between ParHopper and Great Divide Brewery. As a pioneer of the Denver Brewery scene, Great Divide has become one of the most decorated breweries in America since its founding in 1994. Their iconic “mascot” is the endangered Yeti. Of course we had to include that in the design.

The Yeti was designed carrying the iconic colored bag of the man, whose drink of choice, continues to be an inspiration. We mixed in golf clubs, greens and the man himself, Arnold Palmer. These colorful cans help bring awareness and help turn non-believers into Believers and can help save these mythical and benevolent beasts. Get educated, get involved, buy a 4 pack and help save a Yeti.

Tasting Notes

The lemon and black tea really shine through in this tasty, sour ale. Initially your palate is hit with a sour, semi-sweet blast of lemon. As you swallow and savor it more, the black tea comes through with a little sweetness. This is a very refreshing and satisfying twist on the iconic tea and lemonade drink with a very bold character!

Exclusivity of The 19th Hole

This special beer is available at Great Divide Barrel Bar on tap and in cans to purchase to-go. The Local Drive, located just across the street from Barrel Bar, will have it on draft this summer. This is currently a special release and may not last long, so try some today!

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