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ParHopper Brand

Hole 1 – The Origin

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The Origin of ParHopper

Welcome to our story. To kick things off, I’m Jay Piper, half owner of ParHopper and act as our Creative Director. Max Pavelec is the other half of ParHopper and handles the logistics, finances and legalities of the brand. So you’re here because you want to know how it all started. Well..

Me (Jay), Max, our ladies and my dad went bar hopping on a Saturday in the Summer of 2020. Covid was rocking pretty hard so we didn’t get out much to begin with. We were enjoying flights of wine at Blanchard Family Wines in the Milk Market of Denver. Max and I had already decided we wanted to start a golf brand but names were hard. We thought of names we liked, but everything was either taken or too corny. Out of nowhere my dad says “well we have been bar hopping all day… why not play off of a par in golf and call it ParHopper?” Well, that was just genius. We all started grinning and knew that was it. That was what we wanted to call the brand.

From there the brand developed so easily. We knew we wanted a brand that was different. We didn’t want your old country club brand. We were inspired by brands like Bad Birdie. We love their clothing and wear it even today, but they didn’t invent cool golf clothes, they started the new trend. We like to think we aren’t competing with brands like Bad Birdie, we are jumping onboard with them to bring a new style into golf. Just like you have Nike, Taylor Made, Callaway, etc, we want to be in the new golf line up along with brands like Bad Birdie, Hazards & Bogeys, Pins & Aces.. you get where we are going with this.

We still buy products from those brands because even though we all offer similar products, it doesn’t make theirs any less cool. They have their ideas, their designs and their crowd. The golf industry is huge now, there’s no reason to limit the sport anymore. It’s not an old man sport. It’s not a private country club sport. It’s a sport for beer lovers, cigar smokers, average Joe’s and everything in between. We don’t have to limit the sport to a couple of popular clothing brands, let’s all grow that side together!

We got a bit side tracked.. where were we? OH! ParHopper was created for the golfers who love the game but also love a cold beer or two along the way. We wanted something that shows party personality, something that turns heads on the tee box, and ultimately a brand for the golfers who like to have fun on the course. We are the golfers who shotgun beers on the first hole, we laugh at bad shots, we sip premium whiskey while we play and most of all we enjoy the time with friends.

With that concept in mind, we started to discuss the logo. What better character to represent a golf brand than a bunny rabbit? Thus, we created “Hopper.” To show our true personality of the brand we gave Hopper a crooked ear and an X’ed out eye to show he is slightly buzzed. Essentially our brand became a drunk bunny rabbit.

The branding came easy. From there we started social media pages. We started pushing marketing and creating custom balls, hats, shirts, you name it. Everywhere we went wearing our hats or shirts the logo would strike up conversations with strangers. Anyone who passed by and saw the logo was curious enough to ask us what it stood for. That’s when we started to realize we had something special.

As we started to see the social media pages grow and sales actually started to come in through our website, we decided to really go for it and start producing our own polos. We started designing all of our patterns ourselves and working with a production team to get the fits exactly how we wanted them.

Production shots of our very first polo design.

We aim to make our designs different than other golf polo brands. We like to be loud of course, but we really try to show off the custom aspect of our designs since we do it all ourself. One of our most recent designs, The Game, really sets us apart. We created a design that features everything you say on the golf course, the good and the bad words. We don’t know anyone else with a shirt like that. So although we didn’t create the “crazy golf polo” we are helping it be more common in the golf world and adding our own sauce to it.

Here we are now in 2022, turning two years old in August. We have grown our social media following to over 20k. We have started this year with more sales in 3 months than we did the entire year last year. We have created partnerships with local golf lounges, started an ambassador program that has over 30 ambassadors, had a couple of videos go viral and hosted a local 9 brewery bar crawl/mini golf tournament.

We are starting to produce more and more custom products and have no interest in slowing down! We are so excited to see where this brand will continue to go and can’t thank everyone who has supported our brand enough. Thank all of you guys for helping us bring a new style into the golf world. Tee it up, drink it down.