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ParHopper is dedicated to turning heads in the golf industry & bringing a new style to the tee box. Being a brand ambassador gives you discounts on our gear, 10% cash back for every sale you generate, free gear opportunities and the chance to be part of a fast growing golf brand.

Track all time sales, the last 30 days or the last 7 days. Remember we pay out quarterly. So if you want to track your sales per quarter here are the dates to change to:

Q1 – (Jan-Mar) Payout April 1st
Q2 – (Apr-Jun) Payout July 1st
Q3 – (July-Sep) Payout October 1st
Q4 – (Sep-Dec) Payout January 1st

To see your dashboard login below. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Message us on instagram! @officialparhopper

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