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At ParHopper, we strive to elevate the game of golf by producing high quality, performance driven golf polos that are unique, colorful and sure to turn heads on the tee box. Our innovative design and vibrant polo personalities cumulate to form truly exclusive and non-traditional golf attire. We aim to be the opposite of old, country club casual.

ParHopper is helping to innovate and elevate the perception of what traditional golf apparel will be for future generations. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for tradition, that is, until it hinders progression. We believe you should live your life passionately and dress accordingly! Our apparel is for athletes and for the average Joe’s, we don’t discriminate. Golf to us, is about having fun and that starts with feeling good about how you look. We embrace challenging the norm.

We put the PAR in party. We are the golfers who enjoy a cold one on the course and celebrate birdies with sweet bourbon. The links are where we go to hang out with friends and to make new ones. We are on a first name basis with the cart girl by the turn. We abide by the rules of this great game but we don’t let a bad shot.. or several, ruin the round. Golf is our escape from reality, our happy place and we enjoy it to the fullest.

You’ll never see us lay up. The ParHopper brand was originated with and holds strong to a “go for it” mindset. Now it’s your turn to go for it. Let go of the old adages of laying up to “what I typically wear” and “traditional” golf wear. Get ready to pull that brand new polo out the bag, throw it on and realize you’ve been missing out. Prepare yourself for compliments and confidence.



old fashioned polo at copper sky distillery longmont colorado



Jay has had a love for the game of golf since he could walk. Not quite scratch, but pretty damn good and lethal with his short game. Jay runs a design agency in Denver, CO managing 10+ other brands. Jay has personally designed every polo ever released by ParHopper and stands by his statement "We didn't invent crazy golf polos, but we have created our own style that turns heads on the tee box. You'll never see us release a pattern for the hell of it, every polo has a concept and a story behind it." He's a whiskey connoisseur who loves being on the links with his buddies.

Favorite Club: 60° Wedge - Lights out with this club. You'll see him either chip one in or hit the flag several times during a round.



Max is the numbers guy. He has a background in asset management for a multi-million dollar company. Max is focused on the long-term direction and financial health of ParHopper and has played a crucial part in the evolution the brand. Max is an avid golfer who refuses to hit his driver even though he bombs it every time he does hit it. Max brings a more black/white perspective to the brand. He gives the needed feedback and criticism to keep the designs fresh, innovative and not overly loud. If it were up to him all of the polos would be black.

Favorite Club: Driving Iron - It may not go 300 yards but it'll be straight down the pipe off of every tee box.




Stacy embarked on his golf journey in 2015, hacking his way through the Nebraska munis for a few years before deciding to take the game more seriously in 2022. His dedication paid off as he clinched the Closest to the Pin prize at the first ParHopper Open, catching the attention of the ParHopper team. Now an involved member of the team, Stacy enjoys celebrating birdies with Fireball or pickle shots, chirpin' 'em, and enjoying the game we all love with his buds.

Favorite Club: 9 Iron - Because of its consistency and his ability to stick it close from 140 out.



Derek has been enjoying cold beers on the golf course since 2015. Always up for a new challenge, he immediately fell in love with the game. He decided to pick up some night and weekend shifts at his home course for free golf and more opportunity to improve his game. The golf course is one of his favorite places to hang out with friends and trash talk along the way, all while trying to have the best round of his life. He doesn’t believe a round of golf is complete without the 19th hole.

Favorite Club: Paradym 5 Wood - He hits a consistent draw with it and will hit it off the tee when he needs a boost of confidence.



The OG ambassador. DJ started playing golf in 2017 as a freshman in high school, by his senior year he was All-Area, All-Region, and All-State. He chose to play golf at St. Andrews University (NAIA), and after a good freshman year he transferred to Erskine College (D2). His true passion is in coaching, he has been helping coach at his high school alma mater since 2022. Once he graduates in the Fall of 2024 he will be studying his Masters Degree at Clemson University, and hoping to take a college coaching job in the near future.

Favorite Club: Putter - Committed 2023 to that club and Ieads his team in avg birdies per round, and the most 1 putts. The confidence and trust was an all time high.



Casey Bloyer was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado and got his love for golf from working at Meadow Hills Golf Course cutting the grass while he was in High School. Casey enjoys time with his Wife Bethany and his 2 daughters Bailey and Sophia. When he isn’t golfing in the summer or swinging the sticks at The Local Drive in the Winter he can be found as the Head of Distribution for Launch Pad Brewery. Casey’s Motto on the course is “Swing Hard, Take Chances and Drink!”

Favorite Club: 5 Wood - Guaranteed 240 yards making him the perfect scramble partner.



Eric Gibbs is an USAF MSgt and amateur competitor on the World Long Drive circuit. He's been playing golf since he was 10 but will admit he's no tiger woods. His longest drive on record is 406yds and there's no stopping there. Although he's not local to Denver, he's always trying to help with the local events, either through broadcasting it through the metaverse or creating the trophies.

Favorite Club: Driver - Because a putter only goes 300 yards.



Shawn is one of the first ParHopper Ambassadors, joining the crew in February 2022. Based in Chicago, Shawn loves golf more than it loves him, but that won't stop him from showing up. If you see Shawn on the course, he's likely laughing it up and having a great time, but don't be fooled by the smile - he isn't having a good round. Shawn also enjoys a good bourbon, and hopes to break 100 this season.

Favorite Club: 56 Wedge - He can use it from the fairway, rough, and sand, which he does often...on the same hole.



Meet Todd, a golf aficionado hailing from NJ with 15 years of experience on the greens. His golfing journey began as a way to infuse fun into the game, evolving into a club membership and a passion for traveling to play wherever the opportunity arises. Whether it's a competitive round or a laid-back session with friends, Todd is always up for the challenge!

Favorite Club: 60 Degree Wedge - It's his Swiss Army knife.. chip, flop, or putt it’s his best weapon from 100 in.



Colorado born, but raised in England. Jeromy fell in love with the game after being introduced by his grandfather and father. Over the years he played in competitive high school and amateur tours. Before the pandemic he was an assistant professional working in the PGA PGM program. During the warm months you will find him as a Jr Instructor and avid golf fanatic. His favorite part of golf is the friendships made along the way and playing top 100 courses. His favorite playing partner (and mini ambassador) is his daughter.

Favorite Club: Putter - It's green, unique and shows his flaws to make him work harder and get better.



Two Dudes & a Cart is a collective golf brand comprising of the two Tonys’, Tony Chang
and Tony Lozano. This duo specializes in being golf influencers as well as golf course review
guides for the great state of Wisconsin. Two Dudes and a Cart are looking to enter into the golf
scene competitively in the year 2024, but they also enjoy a laid back round of golf filled with
booze and good friends throughout the golf season.

Tony Chang Favorite Club: 56 Wedge - Clutch when it comes to his short game.

Tony Lozano Favorite Club: Driver - Who doesn't love the feeling of piping a drive straight down the fairway 300 yards?


Being a brand ambassador gives you discounts on our gear, 10% cash back for every sale you generate, free gear opportunities and the chance to be part of a fast growing golf brand. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Message us on instagram! @officialparhopper