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old fashioned polo at copper sky distillery longmont colorado


At ParHopper, we strive to elevate the game of golf by producing high quality, performance driven golf polos that are unique, colorful and sure to turn heads on the tee box. Our innovative design and vibrant polo personalities cumulate to form truly exclusive and non-traditional golf attire. We aim to be the opposite of old, country club casual.

ParHopper is helping to innovate and elevate the perception of what traditional golf apparel will be for future generations. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for tradition, that is, until it hinders progression. We believe you should live your life passionately and dress accordingly! Our apparel is for athletes and for the average Joe’s, we don’t discriminate. Golf to us, is about having fun and that starts with feeling good about how you look. We embrace challenging the norm.

We put the PAR in party. We are the golfers who enjoy a cold one on the course and celebrate birdies with sweet bourbon. The links are where we go to hang out with friends and to make new ones. We are on a first name basis with the cart girl by the turn. We abide by the rules of this great game but we don’t let a bad shot.. or several, ruin the round. Golf is our escape from reality, our happy place and we enjoy it to the fullest.

You’ll never see us lay up. The ParHopper brand was originated with and holds strong to a “go for it” mindset. Now it’s your turn to go for it. Let go of the old adages of laying up to “what I typically wear” and “traditional” golf wear. Get ready to pull that brand new polo out the bag, throw it on and realize you’ve been missing out. Prepare yourself for compliments and confidence.